Tips for Visiting Broadway Shows NYC 2023

Broadway in New York is not just a street known for its theater but is also full of talent, art and colors.

The article will highlight how early to get to Broadway Shows, Broadway seating tips, a Broadway seating guide, tips for buying Broadway tickets, the dress code for Broadway shows and much more!

Remember to go through this crucial information before visiting one of the best theaters in the world.

How early to get to Broadway show

Broadway shows are not a one-man job. A whole team plans and produces the shows, and the stage is well-set for an eventful night.

Always cross-check the time on your ticket to ensure a timely arrival, as arriving late is considered disrespectful.

It would be best to reach at least 30 minutes before the curtain opens to give yourself plenty of time to settle down. 

It also gives you time to look at the merchandise cart, grab a bite or use the restroom.

Even if you arrive before the time, there will be a long line but worry not, as the entry is swift once the doors open. 

Sometimes the arrival time depends on the seat and ticket you have booked. For instance, if you pick up tickets at the “will call” window, arrive 45 minutes early. 

Then, make sure you go to the right door. If you need clarification, check with an usher who can direct you.

Appreciate the art and maintain decorum

Getting on Broadway is a significant achievement, be it for the producer or the artists, who have endured a lot to have the art broadcasted.

As a spectator, please maintain decorum and respect the art and artists. Please be mindful of not hooting, clapping or talking during the performance.

If you are under the weather, pack cough drops to avoid coughing, as others might miss important dialogues.

Another way to maintain decorum is by keeping your phone on silent.

Photography is prohibited 

The plays and scripts are protected by intellectual property laws, meaning only the rightful owner of the art can benefit from it.

Remember, cameras of any sort are prohibited inside the theater. Noncompliance with this can invite trouble.

Alongside, cameras are also forbidden to protect the identity of artists.

Dress Code for Broadway Shows

There is no dress code for Broadway Shows in New York City. People wear shorts, t-shirts, jeans, cocktail dresses or formal suits.

If you plan to hit other locations after your show, dressing up in something comfortable, like sneakers, is also a good idea. Wearing smart casuals is the safest thing to do.

Depending on the play’s popularity or script, many people dress up formally or informally. You can also let your imagination run wild and dress as per the play you are watching!

Let your imagination run wild when dressing up for a Broadway Show in New York!

Know your theater

There are 41 theaters on Broadway in New York City, with each theater running different shows. 

With that being said, know your theater well.

Certain theaters have different entries for various seats, while others have one.

Different theaters can have different opening timings, traffic situations and popularity, meaning it is vital to plan the details.

It would be best to research the location, layout and opening timings of the theater you plan to visit.

Broadway seating guide

Seats play a very important role in the Broadway experience. Choose the best seats to have the best theatrical experience of your life.

Do some research to know the location, layout and opening timings of the theater.

One thing to keep in mind before committing to the perfect seats is to consider the show’s production design.

Some shows use projections and special effects best seen from specific seats. 

It’s always a good idea to research the show’s production design and choose seats accordingly.

To know more about the best seats to choose for Broadway shows, here is the ultimate seating guide for broadway.

Dine off-Broadway to save up

You can purchase food and refreshments on-site at the Broadway shows, but it tends to be overpriced if you are on a budget.

We recommend having a quick bite at any fabulous restaurants in the Theatre District and Times Square before the show begins. 

There are a lot of good restaurants you could visit after or before the show. Read more

Broadway bag policy

The Broadway theaters are tightly packed, and there will be limited space once the crowd settles down.

Therefore be mindful of what you carry. Packing a lot and carrying too many things will only cause you trouble.

Preferably carry a small bag or purse with all the essential belongings like ID proof, 

wallet and phone.

Broadway Bag Policy: All bags at most 10x10x10 will be permitted in the theater, including suitcases, backpacks and oversized purses.

Tips for buying Broadway tickets

Many factors must be considered when buying a ticket for Broadway shows in New York City.

These factors include 

  • Traveling with kids
  • Traveling on a budget
  • Traveling to watch the popular broadway shows

Among many others.

Wicked, Hamilton, and Chicago are the ones for you if you wish to book popular shows.

If you go to Broadway shows with kids, many shows could suit your needs.

Plan your travel

Broadway shows in New York City are named after Broadway avenue, which is full of theaters, 41 to be exact.

Many famous shows are in different theaters, which can take time and effort.

Plan the time of your arrival at the venue, the mode of transportation you will be using, and the route you will take beforehand.

We recommend you research a show of your choice before committing to it.


How early to get to Broadway shows?

It would be best to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the show starts. Meanwhile, you can grab a bite or use the restroom.

If the production you are going to is famous, there will be a long line and arriving early would be beneficial.

How late can you be to a Broadway show?

One should reach the theater at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

Most theaters no longer allow late seating, so you must watch the show on a monitor in the lobby until intermission.

Feature Image: Broadway.com

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