The Book of Mormon Broadway Tickets

Your faith in musical theater will soar sky-high by seeing The Book of Mormon on Broadway. 

Buy Book of Mormon tickets and start enjoying musicals even if musicals aren’t your thing.

It is one of the best shows in 2023 that is being played on Broadway.

The musical is a big hit that has garnered praise from reviewers since it was originally performed and earned over nine Tony Awards.

The Book of Mormon New York has humor, wit, and surprise value. Sharp comedy and dynamic musical performances keep spectators interested throughout the entire program.

The musical was written and directed by the “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, two extraordinary creative geniuses who bring a new viewpoint to the theater.

Stunning sets by Scott Park, choreography by Casey Nicholaw, and costumes by Ann Roth bring the drama to life. 

With a good cast and crew, it really isn’t surprising that the show won nine Tony Awards. 

The Book of Mormon contains memorable one-liners and upbeat songs that will have you singing along for days. 

Many individuals will be able to relate to the show’s themes of faith and doubt regardless of their religious affiliation.

What is the Book of Mormon Broadway Show about?

The play is a humorous examination of the doctrine and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church). 

The journey of two Mormon missionaries as they seek to spread the gospel to the residents of a remote Ugandan town is chronicled in the Book of Mormon. 

But they immediately learn that the task is more complex than anticipated. 

See how Elder Price, a zealous overachiever and Elder Cunningham, his well-intentioned but socially awkward colleague, get into many problems.

The passionate young missionaries have difficulties due to the villagers’ lack of interest because they focus on more pressing issues.

The two young men learn that their idealistic goal might not be as effective as anticipated in a culture marred by poverty and violence.

Will they be able to carry out their responsibilities? Or do they lose faith instead? 

Get The Book of Mormon Broadway tickets, and bring your loved ones with you for a holy adventure!

What’s included:

  • Entry ticket to Book of Mormon Broadway
Adult ticket (5 to 99 years)$ 77


  • The language in “The Book of Mormon” is coarse and unsuitable for all age groups. Teens and older are advised to watch the program.


What is the Book of Mormon Broadway show about?

The play is about two latter-day Saint missionaries who endeavor to share their religion with the locals of a remote Ugandan village.

How long is the Book of Mormon Broadway show?

The Book of Mormon lasts two hours and thirty minutes with one interval.

What does the review of the book of Mormon Broadway show say about the show?

According to the New York Daily News, The Book of Mormon is a show where you can find yourself smiling one minute, gaping the next, wiping away tears, and finally cheering. 

It was dubbed “the best musical of the century” by the New York Times and “the funniest musical ever” by Entertainment Weekly.

What’s the price of the book of Mormon musical tickets?

Price for adult tickets from the age of 5 to 99 years is $ 77. Please note, prices vary with the seats you choose.

What is the Book of Mormon musical age rating?

The show has various adult jokes, and the language in “The Book of Mormon” is coarse and unsuitable for all age groups. 

Feature Image: Broadway.com

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