Off Broadway Shows in New York City

Off Broadway Shows 

Off Broadway plays are theater productions played in smaller New York City theaters.

These are usually outside the traditional Broadway theater district. 

These shows are often less commercial and more experimental.

They have smaller budgets and more private settings than their Broadway counterparts.

Off Broadway theaters are usually located in neighborhoods like

  • Greenwich Village
  • The Upper West Side
  • Midtown Manhattan. 

They range in size from around 100 to 500 seats, with most having a capacity of 200-300 seats. 

This smaller size allows for more creativity and experimentation.

Off Broadway shows cover various genres, including drama, comedy, musicals, and avant-garde theater.

Some Off Broadway shows go to Broadway, while others remain on Off Broadway for their entire run.

Off Broadway theaters have a long history in New York City, dating back to the 1950s and 1960s.

Some productions that began on Off Broadway include:

Today, Off Broadway shows offer an exciting and diverse theater experience.

They are often less expensive than Broadway shows.

This makes them popular among theatergoers looking for high-quality productions on a budget.

Off Broadway shows provide a platform for new scriptwriters, actors, and directors to showcase their talent.

If you wish to experience this new theater era, book your Off Broadway show tickets for a great fun night.

Best Off Broadway shows

Currently, some of the best Off Broadway shows running in the Theatre district include:

These are some of the best Off Broadway shows you should consider if you want to buy Off Broadway tickets.


What is an Off Broadway show?

Off Broadway shows are productions in smaller theaters in New York City.

They typically have a seating capacity between 100 and 499 seats. 

These productions are often less expensive and experimental than their Broadway counterparts.

Why is it called Off Broadway?

The term “Off-Broadway” originally referred to the location of the theaters.

It was located on streets that intersected Broadway but not on Broadway itself. 

Over time, they are now referred to as non-commercial theater productions that are smaller in scale and budget than Broadway shows.

Who coined the term off-Broadway?

“Off-Broadway” was coined by theater critic Jerry Tallmer in 1959.

It was to describe the growing number of experimental and alternative theater productions in New York City.

These were located on streets intersecting Broadway but not on the Broadway theater district itself.

What is unique about Off-Off-Broadway theaters?

Off-Off-Broadway theaters are even smaller and more experimental than Off-Broadway theaters. 

They typically have fewer than 100 seats and often feature avant-garde.

They offer emerging playwrights, directors, and actors an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Why do shows get taken Off Broadway?

Shows may get taken off for various reasons, such as
-low Off-Broadway tickets sales
-the end of a limited engagement, 
-a decision to transfer the production to another venue or city. 

Additionally, some productions may be initially intended for Off-Broadway runs due to their smaller scale, budget, or experimental nature.

What is the longest running Off-Broadway show?

The Fantasticks is the longest running Off-Broadway show. 
It ran for 42 years before it shut down in 2002. 
It gave 17,162 performances. Lore Noto produced it.

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