Blue Man Group Tickets

The Blue Man Group will be providing interactive entertainment in NYC. 

Whether you’re 6 or 86, you’ll enjoy watching these otherworldly men create music out of anything.

Its actors, called Blue Guys, have blue paint applied to their skin. They always appear in groups of three and remain silent during performances.

Buy the Blue Man Group tickets and see why it’s renowned worldwide for its outrageously theatrical productions incorporating humor and music.

Attend their show in Manhattan, a stop on their current world tour.

Get the blue man group tickets to enjoy the ambiance the group creates at their live performances. 

Experience the energy that is intended to astound a global, multigenerational audience.

Watch the famous performance millions of people worldwide have already seen, and find out what keeps audiences coming back for more on each tour.

Enjoy Blue Man Group’s weird creativity and never-ending surprises.

Be amazed by the show’s breathtaking integration of technology and creativity.

Join the vibrant trio for a night of family-friendly entertainment.

Check out the show that has wowed audiences of all ages and nationalities.

Embrace your crazy side while keeping time with the beat.

Get The Blue Man Group tickets for a night of fun and entertainment for all age groups.

What’s included:

  • Admission tickets for the blue man group
Ticket Prices
Adult ticket (5 to 99 years)$ 93


  • Bring your passport or ID card

Feature Image: Broadway.com

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